The next WAUG meeting is on the 13th October 2018 and will be held at the Ilchester Town Hall & Community Centre.


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We are a user group set up to support users of RISC OS computers including VirtualRiscPC and RPCEmu in the South West of England, but users of other operating systems such as GNU/Linux and Mac OS are welcome to come along. We also support other ARM devices such as the Raspberry Pi. You may even get to play on an Arduino or two. To the left are some photos of our members past and present.


Ilchester Town Hall

Meetings are held at The Ilchester Town Hall & Community Centre, which is just off the A303 and A37 on the B3151. The post code is BA22 8NQ.


Club meetings are usually held on the second Saturday of the month and start at 10.30am, but any changes are listed at the bottom of this page. Refreshments are available throughout the meeting.

Admission is £1 or £2.50 with refreshments.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list on Google Groups for WAUG members to post messages to each other and to keep up-to-date with changes to meeting dates. You can now also find us on Facebook and Google+.


ROM upgrade

Some photos of WAUG members upgrading a Risc PC to RISC OS 4.39.

Carefully removing the first RISC OS 3.6 ROM Rear IC socket ready for RISC OS 4.39 Carefully removing first RISC OS 4.39 chip from its carrier First RISC OS 4.39 chip in place Front IC holder ready for RISC OS 4.39 Both RISC OS 4.39 chips installed

Raspberry Pi

Some photos of the Raspberry Pi in action.

Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Raspberry Pi running RISC OS


Meeting dates for 2018 are:
Saturday 10th November
Saturday 8th December

Meeting dates for 2019 are:
Saturday 12th January
Saturday 13th July
Saturday 9th February
Saturday 10th August
Saturday 9th March
Saturday 14th September
Saturday 13th April
Saturday 12th October
Saturday 11th May
Saturday 9th November
Saturday 8th June
Saturday 14th December